Floating Islands ( Oeufs à la Neige)

How would you know you have cooked a dish right if you’ve never tasted it before? How many times would you stop yourself and think “hmm this doesn’t look right’ ? How many different recipes would you read on the same dish to make sense of it?


For the past couple of days I had an itch for cooking something new.  Today at work I was day dreaming about different recipes! So had to respond to the urge of cooking. For a weekday what is easier than a dessert of 4 ingredients? Oeufs a la Neige or Floating Islands hardly ever appears on any menu.  I read a handful of recipes and chose Michele Roux Jr’s.  Simple reason of : French dish French chef. Also seems like British or American chefs like to add the very unnecessary double cream to this dish.

This dessert tastes as dreamy as it looks. Soft light poached meringue floating on top of creamy custardy vanilla-y base. The sugar work adds some bitterness and crunch to it. Honestly I am lost for words. ‘Dreamy” is what I am sticking to.

Note: I had to stop and start from scratch 3 times. Be carful when you warm up the yolks and milk mixture. It is so easy to over cook and make a custard instead of creme anglaise. Keep the heat as low as you can and stir continuously.

This recipe can be found on BBC Food.  





Thanks for looking and come back soon x


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2 thoughts on “Floating Islands ( Oeufs à la Neige)

  1. What beautiful presentation. This looks really delightful.
    One thing that struck me is the pattern on the sugar. It is identical to the pattern on my gym bag. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.

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