Open Chicken Sandwich – Smoked Chicken 

Hi loveliest foodies , 

Recently in a fancy poncy cafe , I tried smoked chicken. Yes … Smoked chicken ! How come I’d never seen it before? Had we never thought of smoking chicken? Has pig been the only  privileged animal up to now ?! Anyhoo … today I went to a fancy poncy supermarket, and boom! There it is: smoked chicken breast. Sitting there on a shelf so casually, as if always been there! I grabbed it immediately, squeezed it ( naturally) then placed it in my basket. Came home and made this sandwich. From the bottom layer to the top here is a description of what it consists of:

  • Toasted whole meal Italian bread ( I bought it for its diamond shape. My breadology is weak. But it worked out well. Phew!) 
  • Mashed potato mixed with sour cream and a bit of horseradish Mayo. Added chopped chives, parsley , salt and pepper . 
  • Carefully carved slices of smoked chicken breast . 
  • Thin slices of Apple . Yes apple. It works well. that’s how I tried it the very first time . 
  • Thinly sliced pickled radishes ( a la minute pickled by myself in Apple vinegar and sugar mix) 
  • Drizzled with lemon and herb rapeseed oil 

Voila !! 

So fresh and tasty. Almost a new flavour combination to me. 

Thanks for looking and come back soon 😊 X 


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