Alternative Cup of Coffee

So lovely people, I have been eating ‘cleaner’ in 2014. Having a smoothie every morning with tons of fruits. Today is a lovely sunny Irish Saturday. Boyfriend is mildly hungover and was about to reach for a cup of coffee, while I was flicking through Anya Ladra’s detox book. Quickly I whipped this smoothie together, which is suppose to be an alternative to a cup of coffee because of it’s stimulating properties. It will give you energy! Rob’s words before trying the smoothie ” That’s not going to stop me from having coffee!” After having a sip : ” Hmmm this is delicious…what’s in it again? Can I have some more?”

Alternative to a cup of coffee

Alternative to a cup of coffee

This is a cacao rich yet very fresh drink . You can drink as much as you fancy without any coffee rush.

Rob enjoy the sunshine and his second glass of 'Coffee'

Rob enjoying the sunshine and his second glass of ‘Coffee’


  •  3 ripe bananas, peeled
  • seeds and juice from one passion fruit ( you can do without this )
  • 175g / 1 generous cup frozen berries, thawed ( I used a mix of blueberries and raspberries)
  • 2 table spoon of cacao powder ( I added a bit more, you can’t go wrong)
  • 1 table spoon agave nectar or coconut sugar
  • 400ml water


Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy!


Note: If you have never tried coconut sugar give it a go. It tastes like caramel or fudge. And it’s a guilt-free sugar! Yumm! Here is a link from H&B but you can buy it much cheaper in ethnic stores.



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Thanks for looking and come back soon! X


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2 thoughts on “Alternative Cup of Coffee

  1. It really does sound delicious, the cocoa would do it and give you that burst of caffeine. I used to mix coffee, banana and thick almond milk in the blender, sounds weird but it tasted good maybe a spoon of cocoa would be good in that also.It was my coffee and breakfast in one glass. I have to look at that book.

  2. Hey Suzanne,
    I love smoothies, since I bought my Vitamix ( 3.5 years ago ) have hardly had a day without a smoothie. Your coffee smoothie sounds lovely in fact I drink that mixture too with added peanut butter. Yumm!
    The book is amazing for drinks but uses a dehydrator in many of the main dishes which I don’t have. It’s also heavy in using nuts in desserts. It’s a very inspiring book though!

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