My last 6 months and my Blog!

Hello bloggers!

If you had been following me… you would know that I have been inactive in the past 6 months! Here is my post to say I am back blogging and oh how much I have missed it!

Here are some highlights that kept me away from blogging in the past 6 months:

I travelled to Iran!

In IRAN this guy was asking for money but hey a good style!

In Iran this guy was asking for money but hey a good style!


Divine food. Traditionally cooked lamb stew ( Lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes, cinnamon and much more!)

Me in Scarf in Iran

Me in Scarf in Iran

Shopping heavenly pickles in  Shiraz

Shopping heavenly pickles in Shiraz

Traditional teahouse! Guys it was amazing!

Traditional teahouse! Guys it was amazing!

What else I have been doing? I have become a true believer in 80/10/10 diet. Following FREELEE The Banana Girl. I see and feel the benefits of that life style too but since life is about moderation and food is one of my biggest loves I give myself 2 days off from 80/10/10 and keep it balanced for myself.

Nice to be back! If you are interested to follow me in my trips or see more photos from my Iranian trip follow me on INSTAGRAM: RAHA_NARGESS

See you all soon!x

Nargess Raha

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13 thoughts on “My last 6 months and my Blog!

  1. Oh how nice to see you back Nargess, and with beautiful pictures of Iran too. Looking forward to your next posts.

  2. Well I was thinking were you were the other day! Wow how interesting, how long were you there for. I have been to Iran and it was one of the most interesting experiences ever!
    PS just followed you in Instagram 🙂

  3. Glad you are back, wonderful photo’s of Iran. Look forward to more posts now that you are back. Persian food is my all time favorite food!

  4. Wow, Iran! How fascinating that must have been. And the food must have been amazing. Can’t wait for more posts!

  5. Hi Nargess, Were you in Iran the whole 6 months. Azita was (or still is) in Iran since before Naw-Ruz. You could have hooked up! Welcome back, lovely lady! 🙂

    • Hi lovely Fae,
      It was on my list to check your page, asap!
      I was in Iran just over 2 weeks, due to my work here couldn’t stay away much longer. Still I would’ve definitely tried my best to meet up Azita if I knew. I stayed away from blogging for 6 months because I had started to think that my blog is not really representative of me and things that I eat. For example I eat vegan food most of the times (70% (raw) vegan) but I couldn’t tell that when flicking through my blog. Most my posts are when I am not eating vegan food or when I’ve cooked for friends. In a way I encourage non-vegan diet when I strongly believed in veganism. But then the short journey to Iran reminded me that 50% of health and wellbeing is happiness and amazing family times, and doing what you like to do. Anyway I have “calmed down” now! 😉 but hopefully my blog is going to be more vegan than non-vegan.

      • You are right on it. At the top of the list of attributes people of the Blue Zone mention is exactly what you’ve observed in Iran, the interaction with the loved ones/community and avoiding stress. Welcome back!

  6. Fig & Quince on said:

    Oh Fae is right and I do wish we’d known of each other’s visit to Iran, I would totally have loved to have hung out in keshvar’eh khodemoon! But anyhow, welcome back and I’m vicariously thrilled that you got to go and visit and also welcome back to blogging!


  7. Fig & Quince on said:

    ps forgot the most important thing and that is: you, my dear woman, wear the hijab quite well! You look lovely!

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