MasterChef anyone?


I have been a big fan of MasterChef since day one. Watched it in Britain religiously. Never thought of applying for it though. I have been living in Dublin for over a year now, the 3rd series of Irish MasterChef is calling and it is mostly based in Dublin. The deadline is approximately in 2 weeks. I must say I am tempted to apply!

Two little voices in my head:

  1. Apply for it! Why not? If you make it to the TV it will be fun. Possibly one of the most major things you have done in your life. Something to talk about! You will learn and imagine if you win!!! 
  2. Do NOT apply for it. You fool! Keep your dignity. It’s waste of time. ” What if I am actually not good at cooking?” “What if I say something on TV that people end up hating me?” (Waste of using my holidays at my current job too.)

All I know is that the clock is ticking and I have to make a decision.

I would love to know if any food blogger has thought of joining the MasteChef ? What do you think of it?

Thanks everyone


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13 thoughts on “MasterChef anyone?

  1. Do it!!! I love Master Chef in the US. It would be so much fun and I wish I could watch Master Chef Ireland so I could root for you!!

    • Thanks Suzanne, it’s such a risk though! So many things to consider.( Plus what if I look really ugly on tv?!! Have to consider everything 😉 ) But jokes aside I think I will send the application form. Will worry about the rest later perhaps!! [ Pondering ]

  2. Wow! You should apply! It would be very cool!

    • That’s what everyone says.:) I am just worried that I end up being disappointed in myself! Will I be able to forget if I get sent home at the very early stages? I will apply though.

  3. I have a secret… I recently applied for a food show competition here called “Recipe to Riches” on the CBC. I will only know at the end of the month…but it was quite exciting. I owe it to a good friend for giving me the push. And here’s my push to you… Do it! What have you got to lose?

    • I really appreciate your little confession oh- lidia! It’s a great help. Hopefully, I won’t have much to lose by joining this show. The small worry is my job and trying to get time off! But I will apply and see what happens!

  4. Listen to the others. Go for it! Why can you not be one of those accepted? Good luck!

  5. Go for it Nargess! You’ve got what it takes! Nargess! Nargess! Nargess! *\(^o^)/*
    Unfortunately, we don’t get to see it on US TV, but we may find it on youtube or the channel site, which I’m sure you will let us know!

  6. If the spark of the urge to do it is in you – you then eally have to consider that, and so I’m joining the chorus and encouraging you to go for it with gusto. And: Good Luck Nargess khanoom!!! Do remember us when you become famous 🙂

    ps here in the U.S. we call it Top Chef it’s interesting they changed it to Master Chef for UK

    • Thanks very much for the advice and the encouragement Azita! I have started the application form. :/
      p.s. So weird that they have changed the name. I have seen the Aussie version, much prefer the British one and the Irish one.

  7. I did apply, last year for the masterchef here in the US. I didn’t have enough drama in my life for them to pick me though, even though they LOVE the food I brought. This is not the show about cooking. That’s all I can say. I wish you luck 🙂

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