Express Congee for Breakfast

oiyoufood.comCongee – In many parts of Asia people start their day with Congee. A fantastic savoury rice porridge that is studded with…pretty much whatever you like. ( It’s a very personal thing!)

The original recipe uses white/ brown rice, cooked slowly with stock to make it glutenous and luscious. ( For a great Congee recipe you can check Yotam Ottolenghi’s post in the guardian ) .

I was inspired by a recipe, from my favourite Gizzi Erskine that uses ‘Brown Rice Flakes’. ‘Brown’ to add goodness, ‘Flakes’ to half the cooking process.



( Serves 2, cooking time 25mins, prep time 5 mins )

  1. 50g brown rice flakes
  2. 600g chicken stock or vegetable stock
  3. Salt
  4. Soya sauce

Suggestions for the TOPPINGS:

  1. Soft boiled egg ( boil a large egg for 5-6 minutes)
  2. Thai Chilli
  3. Spring onions
  4. Tenderstem broccoli
  5. Oyster sauce ( or plum sauce)
  6. Ginger


  • Put the rice flakes, stock and a pinch of salt in a pan and bring to the boil. Lower the heat to a gentle simmer and cook for 25 minutes, or until the porridge has thickened and the rice is cooked all the way through and pretty much broken up into a mulch.
  • While the congee is cooking, prepare the toppings. To your liking. I have used chopped spring onions, chopped Thai chilli, deep fried ginger slices, soft boiled eggs and oyster sauce.

Thanks for looking and come back soon!


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27 thoughts on “Express Congee for Breakfast

  1. That is a fancy-looking congee! You presented it like a professional chef. Did you use your new DSLR camera for the shots? You take good photos, even with your little camera, by the way!

    • Ah bless thank you. I try! 😉 This is my first congee ever. Loved it.
      I took these photos with a friend’s camera. It’s a Canon 400d , lens 18 55. Very happy with it, but it’s not in the market any more.

      • I love making congee. We call it ‘arroz caldo’ in the Philippines. But it doesn’t look as presentable as yours because I often use chicken carcass since they are super flavorful and inexpensive. I should try using vegetables like you do. This is a very healthy breakfast.

        • I just googled arroz caldo . Yes the same thing. How interesting that I knew nothing about it till last week. I’m sure your version is very tasty but there is no harm in eating more veg. 🙂

  2. This looks amazing, I love Congee and I would eat it exactly as you made it, never heard of brown rice flakes and I think it’s a wonderful idea. Your photo’s are gorgeous, I just got the same camera you used, can’t wait to start taking photo’s with it,

    • Suzanne, it was quite difficult to find brown rice flakes. I checked quite a few health stores but no luck. Finally found it in a funky, hipster-ish local food store unexpectedly.
      About the camera, you have definitely made a very good safe choice with Canon 400d. You can’t go wrong. However, yesterday I took a risk and FINALLY purchased my first dslr- Nikon 5100d. I didn’t come with the lens that I wanted so no good yet. But I will use both cameras in my next post to compare them together. They both have lens 18 55 on at the moment.

      • I bought my Canon used so I could get used to using a real camera I have been using my iphone. I wanted to get a Nikon but want to see if my camera skills make it worth it for me to get such an expensive camera. I haven’t used the Canon have not been able to get the memory card yet. Your photo’s are amazing.

        • You have definitely done the right thing my dear! I believe you have checked ebay for the memory card. I have seen them there. No girl should be kept waiting this long to use a DSLR! 😉

  3. Well, I have never heard of Congee. But I’m very interested having some! By the looks of your amazing photographs I know I will love it.

    • I am glad that’s what you think ‘tiny white cottage’. When I saw a congee picture last wek I knew I’m gonna like it too! What’s not to like?! 😉

  4. Mmmmmm delicious, my ultimate comfort food!

  5. Well, I have never heard of Congee, either. 😦 But I have not heard of many things. 🙂 How does a young woman living in Ireland know about Congee that a woman who lives in California doesn’t? 😀

  6. Beautiful! I love Congee, but never thought of using rice flakes. What a great idea for an improvised breakfast.

  7. That looks great! I’ll have to try and hunt some rice flakes down, I love savory stuff for breakfast! This looks like it would be so satisfying.

    • Ahhh! Savoury for breakfast and I can go without lunch. Acquired taste this congee thing, I must say.
      ..and good luck with hunting the brown rice flakes! 😉

  8. Ah, this is amazing! Congee is the ultimate comfort food for me, and every time I see recipes (not to mention gorgeous photos), it makes me miss Taiwan. I really love that you used brown rice flakes—something I must try next. Thank you for the beautiful post.

    • Ah thanks Irina! I’m glad you liked this. ( Have a lot to catch up with you on photography skills ).
      I am quite surprise to hear Congee is a common dish in a few Asian countries. I have travelled to the far-east and was never offered a Congee. What’s that about ?! 🙂

  9. I love eating congee for breakfast, lunch, dinner.. sick or healthy. But to make one is a pain in the you-know-where. Continuous stirring over the stove, though these days, rice cooker comes with a congee option. Awesome, need to get one fast!
    I like fish congee or meatball congee, you need to try, if you have not tried them. And even with plain congee, the best pairing would be salted duck egg and maggi soya sauce. Just my childhood comfort food. Thanks for the trip back to memory lane. I need to make one soon!

    • Very interesting! Thanks for letting me know of all variations of congee. I will try them.
      p.s. Just googled salted duck egg…. I’d actually seen them in Thailand…and maybe even tried them in ‘green papaya salad’. Never thought of making my own though. I will do my research 🙂

  10. This looks delicious! Thanks for the breakfast idea!

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