1 Dish, 2 different Cameras !

This is a non-post post!

Lately I have been looking into this food blogging hobby more seriously, and trying to learn from the top bloggers. The first thing that jumps out is the power of a good photo. So here, I recreated one of my previous dishes “ Tuna burger with wasabi Mayo“. This is one of my favourite dishes – healthy, light, very quick to prepare and has an effortless beauty about it. ( Thanks to Richard Corrigan for creating this recipe).

I have made this dish about 3 times now, and every time the dish itself looked better than the pictures in my original post. Have been thinking about upgrading to a professional camera for a while and after whingeing to my workmates – they eventually conceded to lend me their fancy cameras. I re-photographed the same dish and the pictures… Well –  judge for yourself !


This photo was taken with Canon 400d, lens 18-55mm. Using the manual setting. On a cloudy evening!


The original post on my blog had the above photo. Taken by a simple point and shoot : Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS40. For how cheap the camera is, takes very decent photos on a good day light, as you can see this page.   But when the day light wasn’t great and the background was black, it failed badly!

For INGREDIENTS and RECIPE please check my post here.

Thanks for looking and come back soon!


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20 thoughts on “1 Dish, 2 different Cameras !

  1. Must say your little lumix doesn’t take a bad picture but the canon is really good. I just got a canon rebel T-4 with the same lens. Can’t wait to start using it, have been using my iphone up until now.

  2. Yes you are right Suzzane, the little Lumix takes descent photos on a good day! For how cheap it is does a good job. I am looking in buying a canon myself. Lately I hear a lot of good things about 650d. Looking forward to see your new photos.

  3. I’ve just started my blog and have been wanting to up the ante as well! It’s nice to have so much in common with a lot of the food blogging network. I think your blog has such a good foundation and upgrading your camera would be an easy next step 🙂 It’s definitely worth it to invest in a quality dSLR, and of course it would be an asset for more than just your food blog.
    I’m an art student, so I’ve been having to use these cameras for a long while now. This site really helped me when I was upgrading earlier this year. They’re all Canon since it’s my personal preference, but I hope you find it useful anyhow!

  4. Thanks for your help Irina. I will be on that link straight away. A canon DSLR is what I am hoping to end up with. However, I also hear a lot about Nikon D70 for food blogging. Which is quite cheap compare to most canon ones.
    Your blog is looking very great already, very professional. …and yes this food bloggers world is a great little world. I like to be connected to so many food-obsessed people! Thanks again 🙂

  5. I am lucky enough to use a Canon 5D Mk11 and a 400D. Both are better cameras than I will ever ba a photographer. I find myself using a fixed 50mm 1.8 lens that set me back a mere €120. Great lens for food.

  6. Hey Conor, thanks for your input. 5D Mk11 is clearly an amazing camera. I was convinced that you use a professional one like that. But it’s interesting to know that you also use 400d. Have you done any food photos for your blog with 400d? If so is there any chance that you direct me to those photos on your blog please. Many thanks

  7. I started out using the IPhone for blog pics, dissatisfied I graduated to an older Nikon cool pix and now I use a Nikon D90. (which I had all along!)I t’s not just about the camera and lens though. Light is really important. I use a bench top tripod and never fire the flash. Styling is a whole other issue!

    • Ladyredspecs, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Nikon D70, 90 and 50 for food photography. I completely agree with you about the light as well. Shame that if you live in Dublin it’s pretty much dark and cloudy all the time. I think a good camera is a must over here. I am such a beginner though. I can’t even use a tripod properly yet! D’oh!

      • I have just bought a Canon G15 as a lightweight on the road camera option. I’m thrilled with the image quality. It has manual capability, but the menus are not overwhelming. It would be a great start out camera without the expensive outlay involved with a DSLR. It has a tripod mount.

  8. Wow. What a nice, thought provoking comparison. My dream is to “upgrade” and step it up several notches. Thank you for that bit of information. I really like it when I see a blog which labels what type of camera and lens used. Have you seen http://dollyrubiano.wordpress.com? She has a nice visual presentation.

  9. I use Canon Power Shots a glorified instant camera. I agree with Lady Red Specs. I don’t use flashlight and only take photos in the day time. Having said that, don’t listen to me. Not only I am not a good photographer but also I have a lot to learn in food styling. I envy professional photographers turned foodies. 😀 ))) If there is any part of blogging that I dread it’s the photo taking of the cooked food. We always eat cold food. 😦

    • Haha! You are so funny Fae!
      I agree with your comment, about professional photographers turning to food bloggers. For example the owner of “what Katie ate” was some sort of a web designer and a photographer first. She gave up her job to pursue her blog more seriously.
      Anyway, you have a lovely blog Fae. It’s very informative and thorough, a different style! It’s like a good trusty cookbook.

  10. Fig & Quince on said:

    Nargess! You have the blogging and good! Food photography is definitely a challenge and in my experience, lighting is key, no matter how good an equipment you have. That said, I do long for a fancy one but for now make do with a regular digital camera and just avoid/miss out on night-time shoots. Anyway: good luck and fun with your blog and photography

  11. Thanks Azita!
    Agree with you. Shame there is never enough light in Dublin though.
    I think your arty side and writing style give you the upper hand in blogging. However, it would be nice to own a fancy SLR. I like to be one of these people —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LApO_BDRE8M 😉

  12. I did a similar post the other day! Its so amazing how the lighting and camera can influence the same object.

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