A little discovery in the health food store

Between work and packing for my holiday to Hong Kong and Bangkok (YAAY!) I have decided to make a speedy post about the super tasty veggie dish I had yesterday.

Having vegan, vegetarian friends and colleagues sometimes makes me think  ” maybe I should reduce my meat consumption?” . After all, less meat won’t do me any harm. Will it?

I visited Holland and Barrett to buy some natural soya protein and ended up buying a pack of meat-free sausage mix too. Label “Granose” from Smyngtons. You have probably had at least one or two of their products ( i.e. Aunt Bessies, Food Doctors, Chicken tonight. etc etc ) . I am no fan of box food but  this is so delicious I could not resist.

Meat-free Lincolnshire sausage with pea risotto

What you need:

  • A pack of Lincolnshire meat -free sausage 
  • risotto rice 
  • Green peas ( frozen) 
  • Stock
Lincoshire meat -free sausage with pea risotto

Lincolnshire meat -free sausage with pea risotto

Lincoshire meat-free sausage and pea risotto

Lincolnshire meat-free sausage and pea risotto

In the package you have two sachets. Each contains enough mixture to make about 3 regular size sausages. You soak the content of one sachet in a cold water. leave 10 mins. Shape with hand to sausage shape, fry. … and enjoy!! The smell is of sage, onion and garlic, very sausage-like!. The texture is great! Gets the crunch outside and it’s light and almost fluffy inside. ( They are much better than any other vegetarian fake meat that I have tried in the past). Th cost was about £2.20, so cheaper than normal sausages, a lot less calories and no guilty feelings about the oink oinks this time!

Thanks for looking and come back soon!

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