Lamb skewers with Saffran rice, Sumac and Mint yoghurt

Here I am cooking some  persian food but in a modernised way. Meaning trying to spend less time spent in kitchen, have lower calories and more attention to the presentation. But taste every bit as good hopefully.

The dish I have prepared is the most common food in Turkey and Iran. Referred to as ” Chelow Kabob” or Rice and lamb Kabob.


  1. Add a few saffron strands to a cup
  2. Add a few drops of hot water and wrap the top with cling film- let the saffron to infuse.
  3. when saffron is dark enough, take about 2 tbs of your recently cooked rice and mix with saffron. This will be added to the top of your final rice dish when served.


  1. Pre-marinate the lamb cubes in Fragrant Persian spice mix, please click here for the mix. 
  2. Tomatoes and onions are perfect accompany to this dish
  3. Cook the skewers for a few mins on each side on a hot griddle pan

The final dish:

  1. I have decorated the rice with sumac and spring onions. Both are must! Sumac is easily available in most supermarkets. I have used wild sumac which is deeper in colour and flavour. 
  2. Yoghurt with dried/fresh mint and black pepper
Close up look

Close up look

Yes lamb is perfect to me

Yes lamb is perfect to me

I love it! :)

I love it! 🙂

If you fancy the authentic version of this dish here is a post from a beautiful blog of saffron & tumeric [click here] please. 

Thanks for looking and come back soon!

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2 thoughts on “Lamb skewers with Saffran rice, Sumac and Mint yoghurt

  1. I like your mix of an unpretentious and knowledgeable approach to food writing.

  2. oiyoufood on said:

    Thanks very much DMartens-CWA! I am very glad that’s what you think of my posts!

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