Mushrooms on Toast/ Sticky Balsamic

Balsamic Syrup:

This stuff is one of my biggest pantry must haves. In combination with a great olive oil, it makes everything taste better! It is the perfect company to toast, tomato or mushrooms and olive oil. You just can’t go wrong. I have been using the flavoured olive oil that I made in  one of posts , and my home made Balsamic vinegar syrup!

Mushroom on toast + poached egg on toast

How to make your own balsamic syrup cheap and make your foods look ‘Chefy’:

My Balsamic Syrup


  • Cheap bottle of (750 ml) balsamic vinegar
  • 3-4 tbs of soft dark brown sugar


  1. Boil the vinegar for 15 mins on medium heat. ( It reduces to 3/4  in volume).
  2. Add sugar, mix.
  3. Boil a bit more till it looks sticky but still perfectly runny.
  4. let cool. Bottle it!

This morning, I used a ready made jar of fancy mushrooms ( Rice straw mushrooms, Nameko mushrooms and oyster mushrooms). Mushroom on toast is just a great combination of textures however I was never mad on the taste until I made these.

We have cruncy toast, soft mushrooms, olive oil , balsamic syrup, basil and Parmesan.

Thanks for looking, enjoy the Olympic games and come back soon!

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2 thoughts on “Mushrooms on Toast/ Sticky Balsamic

  1. love this recipe, always wondered how to do it, did it today with Duck.

    • oiyoufood on said:

      I am very glad you liked it. I know that duck and pomegranate molasses go perfect together. Sticky balsamic tastes very much like pomegranate molasses. what you had –> makes a lot of sense and a good palate!

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