Pasta in Sardinia

As I am sitting here looking through the window at the rainy weather outside and I am too tired to cook anything, thought maybe do a quick post about my favourite dish of my holiday. We took off to Sardinia last week and here is a holiday highlight to share with you:

So we are on a boat on a day trip to the Nettuno cave. The weather is about 28-30C. A bit too hot but the boat has a bit of a speed which leaves us with a very pleasant breeze. There are blue sea, rough mountains, hills and blue sky to gaze at. Meanwhile I see a  note on the wooden wall of the captain’s cabin saying: ” food available on request and will cost 5 Euro”. Sounds fine to me! A bit later the smell of fried garlic, basil and tomato is in the air. Later still the dish is ready.

Could I have anything better?! Honestly no!

In a different day trip we were again spoiled with fantastic (and free!) crab pasta and 1 L bottle of wine! All we could think about was ” wish all friends and loved ones were there with us” !

Thanks for looking and come back soon!

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2 thoughts on “Pasta in Sardinia

  1. Amazing. Wish we could have been there to help you out with that litre bottle!

    • oiyoufood on said:

      Really guys! We were given a second bottle too. But we had to refuse. p.s. I just posted about Magic Berries.You two might find it interesting! 🙂

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