‘Sun’-blushed tomatoes overnight

I love sun-blushed tomatoes. You know the ones that still have a bit of tomato flesh in them? Salty and tasty?  The ones that you add to ANY sandwich or salad and it tastes so much better? The ones that are on the pricey side in shops?

I have been making my own sun-blushed tomatoes for a couple of years, without any sun, and its much easier than going to the shop.

3 steps.

  1.  Chop salad tomatoes into quarters (Or cherry tomatoes in half). Arrange them on top of a baking foil in an oven tray. Season with plenty of salt, peper and dried Mediterranean herbs such as thyme and /or rosemary.

2. Turn the oven to the lowest possible ( 50C fan oven ) . Leave the tomatoes there for half a day. I usually leave them in the oven at night. They are ready in the morning, and go straight in to my lunch box!


3. Keep them in a jar and top up with olive oil!

Good as shop-bought! If not better 😉

There you have it!

Thanks for looking and come back soon !

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2 thoughts on “‘Sun’-blushed tomatoes overnight

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