I am hungry and I mean it!! (Steak Sandwich)

First of all… A BIG “shame on me” for not uploading my blog for such a long time!! I will organise my busy days and blog at least once a week!

And now for cuisine : The last two hours at work I couldn’t stop thinking about food! I was *starving*! I believe there are two stages of hunger: 1- You are hungry and  you keep thinking  about the foods that you fancy eating!  2- You are too hungry and you would eat ANYTHING! I was at the latter stage today.

Stopped by my local super market and was looking for anything that I could cook quick. Forget about the calories and no-starch-after-6pm. I want to eat like a man!

So here is the result a juicy, tasty steak sandwich, with refreshing salad ready in 10 mins. All the boxes ticked! Here are the pictures:

Rub the paste on both sides of the steak

Fried 2 mins on both side using a red-hot griddle pan

Chop chop!

That is it!

Okay maybe I could do with a bottle of beer too

Yes a bottle of beer too. After all I wanted to eat like a man! And it was damn good.

Hope you got inspired by this recipe.

Thanks for looking and come back soon!

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