Riz au lait (Rice pudding)

It had been a while that I wanted to make this rice pudding dish. It was probably in season then!! But I am serving this cold and accompanying it summer fruit compote. Cold and creamy , fruity and tangy ; therefore not too out of season! I am adding it to my “following French Chefs” category as the recipe and inspiration is from Raymond Blanc .

I think it’s a very cheap and cheerful dessert and has a wow-factor! Basically it’s as good as rice pudding gets! 😉

Recipe : You can click ‘ here ‘. 

However I did a few things different if you like to know: I didn’t have rice pudding-rice at home so I used risotto rice . I think it does the same thing. Also I didn’t put the whole thing in the oven , I kept stirring it on the hob as if it was a risotto. Turn the heat off while it was natural yoghurt consistency! as it thickens up as it gets cold. Used a blow-torch to caramelise the top instead of grill, that’s what Raymond Blanc did on his show!
As the addition of fruit compote : I opened a pack of frozen berries. Put on a very low heat. A touch of sugar. That is it!

And the tune of the post :

Thanks for looking, and come back soon!

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2 thoughts on “Riz au lait (Rice pudding)

  1. Food Forays on said:

    This looks great! I’m going to give it a try… I’ve had a bit of a craving for rice pudding lately, and ALMOST bought some. I say almost because I quickly remembered how horrible it was once when I had some store-bought in the past! Great post.

    • oiyoufood on said:

      Hi Tami,
      From time to time, I too suffer from the same packaged-rice-pudding dilemma ! Horrible indeed.
      So glad you liked the post! thanks 🙂 R

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