Summer Pasta : Farfalle Prosciutto Piselli

I have made this pasta dish by Ruth Rogers. Farfalle Prosciutto Piselli has been eaten and loved in Sicily for years and years! Yet it was a novelty to me and how glad I am to have come across it.

With a few basic ingredients so simple, unpretentious and so satisfying! Green and minty, at the same time creamy and meaty. The saltiness of Prosciutto cuts through the sweetness and creaminess of the sauce. The mint is very refreshing and a good change to the common basil . The whole dish is very light and makes a perfect supper.

Drink after the food: Clear Mojito and I have used frozen grapes instead of crushed ice


And now how about some music…  something fun and summery:


  • Farfalle pasta
  • Prosciutto
  • 1 Medium red onion (has to be red I am told)
  • Bunch of mint
  • Cream
  • Green peas (about 2 cups fresh or frozen is fine).
  • Parmesan to serve with
  1. Add some butter to the pan, chop the onion finely and add to the pan. make sure onion gets coated in butter and let cook for a couple of mins
  2. Add the peas and a 9-10 mint leaves with their stalk. (If you are using fresh peas add enough water to cover the peas, cover and let cook for 5 mins).
  3. Add 3-4 slices of Prosciutto , cover and let cook about 5/7 mins until soft.
  4. Add a bit of cream (about 4tsp). If the mixture has gone dry add a bit of water and season with salt again. You are looking for porridge consistency.
  5. Blend the mixture lightly
  6. Drain your boiled Farefalle and add to the cream green mixture
  7. Chop a slice of prosciutto and grate some Parmesan on top. Serve immediately!

Thanks for looking  and come back soon!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Pasta : Farfalle Prosciutto Piselli

  1. Looks very yummy! Prosciutto and parmesan cheese are perfect on pasta. I love it! 😉

    • oiyoufood on said:

      Thanks Malou, I think its a very easy and tasty dish. This is the second time that I posted it, wasn’t happy with the photos first time. Still not happy! But never mind! 😉

  2. Wow … I never would have thought of adding mint. Sounds terrific!

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