Love Tea!

I have decided to add a new category to my little blog : ” Exciting Things to Shop”. It will contain anything that lives in the kitchen ( from food to cutlery pieces). Some stuff I don’t even need but are too cute not to have and some other stuff are so darn useful to have. I will put all the needed links here too in case you like to have them for yourself! 🙂

So here is my first post of the category:


Shopped today. How beautiful is it?! Contains: black tea leaves, red sugar hearts and dried strawberry pieces. So beautiful and romantic. Smells great from the strawberry pieces. I think it will look so pretty if you serve dried leaves mixture it in a glass container, accompany with a tea infuser and a pot of boiling water and let your guest/s enjoy this pretty thing. Or you can use it as a hamper filler for mothers day or any other occasion.

Lovingly for you!

Now as for links:

Tea Mixture is from a chain shop of Danish origin called Tiger  .

The  tea mug, ifyou are interested, is from Cath Kidston . A shop which I adore every single piece they have. Only if they were cheaper!

Thanks for looking and come back soon!

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4 thoughts on “Love Tea!

  1. Food Forays on said:

    Great idea, and how fun to create this section! I love your ideas, so I’ll definitely visit here!

  2. oiyoufood on said:

    Thanks Tami! So glad you like the idea. I hope I don’t end up buying strange stuff just to fill up this section though!

  3. Lindsay on said:

    There is a shop in Bath that sells all kinds of random tea, I think the most bizarre one is the one with Gummy Bears in it! My friend Rivka really loves tea and so we went last time she came to visit….. Whole lotta tea!

  4. oiyoufood on said:

    Huh! Sounds cool / crazy! I am sure I would have bought the gummy bear tea and a few more. p.s.your Apple Sauce Softies look very tasty, and I like the name “Softies” -> cute! I’m planning an apple desert I think I make the softies on the side too 😉

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