Daft Spaghetti

Very recently I bought the book of Geometry of Pasta. Apparently its one of the most stylish cookery books ever! Oh yeah! Also one of the most authentic ones. It has no pictures and is all about what shapes of pasta go better with what kind of sauces and why. Knowing myself I can tell that I am going to go mad on Geometry of Pasta and cook Pasta dishes after pasta dishes.  But before I do so I had to cook this so-not-authentic but fun and tasty dish!

“Daft Spaghetti”:  because first it is silly and fun, the idea of passing spaghetti through Frankfurter hot-dogs comes from an unknown source. It was one of those pictures that go round on Facebook. I saw it on my teenage cousin’s page and decided to make it. Second reason for the title, what sauce recipe is better to go with this daft pasta idea than the one in the Daft Punk-Revolution 909 video!

I let Daft Punk to take it over:

Thanks for looking and come back soon!

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3 thoughts on “Daft Spaghetti

  1. Anonymous on said:

    this is the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen!

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