Berlin Winterfeld Platz Food Market

I am lucky enough to have a foodie cousin in Berlin, and here I am in Berlin, going to the food market, with my camera of course!!!

this post will be updated soon 🙂

2days later UPDATE: Berlin Winterfeld Platz market, on Saturdays


Candy cool

I am not sure where to begin….one word: Delicious! if you like your food you must go. Unlike the food market in Nice (which I will do a blog on soon), Winterplatz/Berlin food market was mainly cooked food. The couple of food markets that I came across in South-France were full of weird and wonderful ingredients, but this one in Berlin was mainly freshly cooked, and ready to eat food, hence the smell in the air was delicious!

Freshly smoked mackerel- think of the yummy smell

Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city and you can see how it has affected its food. The stalls that you come across are so unpredictable. Versatility is a good key to any food market.

Lebanese food: grilled aubergine stuffed with spicy tomato-y lamb, served on a bed of giant couscous and grilled vegs. Hint of spice all the way through-mmmm!

Caribbean handmade (literally then and there) ice-cream.

Funky flavoured cream cheese. (Rose, saffron and more, alot more)

Swedish stuff I am thinking

Award for the coolest way of making a sandwich goes to the Swiss Raclette stall ( . I basically had to stop and watch the entire process from start to end to figure out what they are doing. Here are a few pics for you to get your mouth watering:

Melting raclette under this hot iron blocks.

Scraping the top layer (the best bit!)


 with added paprika and herb. enjoy!

We all had tried raclette  , you must too.


Friendly chaps with fresh fruits

And then there was a gent who was selling smoked garlic (very common in France). Ah!! the should buy it just for the love of …a sniff!!! .  Here is a picture of the garlic stall… huh! this guy told me (despite the language barrier) that he has biked around Ireland on his own twice now and he has loved it so much that he is hoping to live in Ireland on his third tour. Crikey! 🙂

Anyway there are more things than I have pictures to taste and try. At the end how about you finish of your tour with some German waffles , its a rule! 

They smelled hot and sweet!! hmmmm I’d like one as I am uploading this pic

Okay… what else you can find in this market? Its 90% food, but there are arty crafty stalls too, and of course I shopped from there! But since this is a food blog I keep it trimmed with only food stuff so how about……the heaven shop of ‘Cookie-Cutters’ . You could find anything you could possibly thinking of:

Say anything ….you can find it in shape of cookie-cutters in here

Wow! If you like baking do check out the website too. The page can be viewed in English. AMAZING !!

Anyway, just one more thing is left that is worth mentioning…and that’s about the first picture on top of this page…the Candy man :). Very friendly and he sells some funny candies. (I have just discovered that he has a blog too: there it is )


The strangest candy that I saw him selling ,which I bought, was ,if I am not mistaking: “Eselsohren” or ar$$’s ears which is a German saying about silly people. 🙂

Have a good day!

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